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A need was felt to have a single view of all the facilities offered by schools in South Australia.

  • Parents can use this information for assessing facilities by all schools around and then decide the best option for their children
  • School Principals can use this feature and organise activities for students in schools nearby if their home school lacks any of the facilities.
  • Voluntary Groups  who conduct vacation activities for children can also make use of these facilities during vacations and off peak hours.
  • Community Groups who would want to hire the School facilities in off peak hours and vacations


Solution is to use the dataset available on School facilities and show it effectively on Google Mymaps.  This map was then embedded in a Word Press site to make a web interface available for users to filter on facilities required and check out schools in South Australia .

Target Audience:

  • Parents,
  • School Principals
  • Voluntary Groups who conduct Activities for students during vacations.
  • Community Groups who want to hire facilities during off-peak and vacations.


A Web interface or a Mobile App


Datasets Used: 
South Australian Government School Facilities Available for Community Use, as at July 2015

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