Safety Net

SafteyNet image of a net protecting the ground
Team Name: 
Safety Net

Safety Net is a website designed to ease communication between homeless or at risk people and the services designed to help them. 

By geocoding data for charitable support services, we can provide an easy to use information source that will allow the newly homeless or at risk to  find the appropriate services easily, thus minimising the danger that they will become trapped with the disadvantages of street life. With a few minutes and an Internet connection, they will be able to find the people that can assist in getting them back on their feet. 

The site allows users to filter information using tags and keyword searches to find the most relevant services. Users can provide feedback or update details such as phone numbers by adding a comment under the entry for the relevant service. There is also an opportunity for service-providers to add their organisation to the directory by clicking 'submit'. This has potential to grow the directory over time, using a crowd-sourcing approach. 

Datasets Used: 
Helping Out - Cleaned and created filter fields to make the buttons work. Public toilets - Assessed community foods and realised it was not relevant because it focuses on community gardens rather than distribution More data is in our second project

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