Rubber Side Up

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Rubber Side Up

This project provides a tool for analysing statistics and interrogating individual reported traffic accidents involving cyclists around WA from 2010 to 2014, with the data provided by Main Roads WA. Crashes are classified by severity (fatalities, requiring hospitalisation, property damage), and what sort of other vehicles are involved. Crashes can be hidden or displayed from view based on these classifications, or based on the speed limit of the local roads, also available from Main Roads. From the Department of Transport bike path and bike network routes, we can determine the distance of each crash from the nearest designated bike route and analyse the locations of crashes relative to cycling infrastructure.

Stats have been collated over this time period and are grouped by vehicle type, by severity and speed limit. Various graphs displaying the breakdown of crashes for various pairings of these categories are shown on the project page.

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Main Roads crash data: Asset ID 09372590152434720789-15535576533402434881 on SLIP, downladable from Shared path and Perth bike network shape files downloaded from SLIP/Transport: Main Roads road hierarchy dataset. Asset ID 09372590152434720789-15531170248825509709 on SLIP, downladable from Main Roads speed limits dataset. Asset ID 09372590152434720789-15297607836006052547 on SLIP, downladable from

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