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Quick and Dirty Wi-Fi Data Visualisation

QDWDV  is an interactive web site which shows the free public Wi-Fi locations in Geelong.

We used the Geelong Wi-Fi Usage data set with the Google Maps JavaScript API to plot the points onto a map of Geelong. The map also shows the approximate effective ranges and some fun statistics about each Wi-Fi location. Each location shows:

  • Number of unique visitors based on MAC Address
  • Number of different operating systems
  • Average accesses per visitor
  • Average access time

We have also included a list of top 10 most popular Wi-Fi sorted by unqie visitors.

We think our web site is useful to anyone who is interested in the location of free Wi-Fi. It could also be of use by the City of Greater Geelong to evaluate Wi-Fi coverage and to help plan future Wi-Fi rollouts.

Datasets Used: 
Geelong Wi-Fi usage - https://data.gov.au/dataset/geelong-wi-fi-usage

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