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Feature Creeper and the Creeps

We are a team of culturally diverse female public servants (and two token males). In the last 46 hours we developed Pick-A-Park!

Find the parks nearest to you with the activities that you - or your kids - want to do. That’s the idea behind Pick-A-Park, a web app (optimised for iPhone5) where Victorians can choose the custom icon of the elements they want in a park and be directed to their ultimate free-time/play-time/party-time public destination. Or maybe just the nearest public toilet.

We built Pick-A-Park because there is no app that brings together so much invaluable data about state and national parks and local playgrounds and serves it up in a way that is entirely focused on user needs. We mashed two park data sets with six additional data sets from Data Vic and City of Melbourne to locate all the parks and identify: disability access, public toilets, lighting, no smoking areas, footpaths, exercise equipment, drinking fountains, barbecues and playground features (slides, see saws, swings, etc).

Recommendations for future development (we only had 46 hours after all):

  • Add in additional data sets: PTV travel information, live BOM weather data, Aboriginal land ownership, trees of significance, free wifi spots, event booking data, information on local wildlife and crime statistics (to indicate safest parks!).
  • Create useful groups to filter by, eg: family, friends, fitness, etc.
  • Add community integration to crowd source additional information about phat can link up to a arks and extend the database of info.
  • Add more sophisticated reporting with the ability to crowd source issues and link this with community members, eg. local accredited tradespeople who can quickly fix a broken swing.


Bounty: Open Source bounty: We have brought together eight open source data sets to create this web app! In developing our app we also used the following open source software: GitHub, Microsoft Azure, Open Office, QGIS and Node.js.

The Best Digital Transformation Hack: We have demonstrated a fun and simple way to use multiple sets of government data to serve the community. The information is user centric, focusing on the most useful park facilities to the end user and showing them in a clean, straight forward way. It takes out all the extraneous information and allows the focus to be on the parks!

Exploring what Victoria has to offer: Pick-A-Park is mobile compatible (iPhone5) and uses eight Victorian government data sets with the scope to use many more (see our recommendations). We have highlighted Victoria’s parks making it fun and simple for a whole range of users (families, couples, singles, friends, everyone!) to find a park that best meets their needs, increasing visibility for tourists and the local community alike. Pick-A-Park is the easy way to explore Victoria!

Planning for our Future: Pick-A-Park is mobile compatible and uses eight Victorian government data sets with the scope to use many more (see our recommendations). Our app addresses access to local services, including disability access information, allowing the current and future community to access facilitates easily and in future phases to practically resolve issues.

Bounty: Most useful Product or Service for the Public: Pick-A-Park is an exceptional product that serves the Victorian community. Anyone can choose the facilities they are looking for that day and Pick-A-Park will show the closest parks to their locations that meets all their needs. Let us do the hard work for you!

Understanding Smoke-Free Areas: We have used the smoke free area data mashed with the Victorian parks location data to identify parks that are smoke free. Pick-A-Park allows the user to filter by this criteria with a simple icon - it's great for families to choose a smoke free parks for their kids to play.

Best use of data to improve Victorian local government services (or access to services): Pick-A-Park makes it easy and fun for the local community to engage with their parks, filtering by specific facilities they want on that day, enhancing use of parks. Future recommendations include the ability to crowd source issues and link this with community members, eg. local accredited tradespeople who can quickly fix a broken swing, saving councils time and money and building community connection.

Most innovative use of interdisciplinary data: We mashed two park data sets with facilities data for public lighting, disability access, public toilets and no smoking areas. We did this by comparing all the facilities data with the park locations to match these and give the user the ability to find a park by these facilities.

Datasets Used: 
Parks and Conservation Reserves: https://www.data.vic.gov.au/data/dataset/parks-and-conservation-reserves
 Playground details for city of Melbourne: http://maps.melbourne.vic.gov.au/?splash=false&themeid=lyr_playground Outdoor No Smoking: https://data.melbourne.vic.gov.au/People-Events/Outdoor-No-Smoking-Areas/23k2-cnm2 Public toilet: https://data.melbourne.vic.gov.au/Assets-Infrastructure/Public-Toilets/twe5-xv8t Public lighting: https://data.melbourne.vic.gov.au/Assets-Infrastructure/Public-Lighting/h9m9-22i9 Footpath: https://data.melbourne.vic.gov.au/Transport-Movement/Footpaths/tqjk-32d9 Accessibility: https://data.melbourne.vic.gov.au/Property-Planning/Building-Accessibility-location-map/63vh-4yw9 City of Melbourne Outdoor furniture (drinking fountains, barbecues, etc): https://data.melbourne.vic.gov.au/Assets-Infrastructure/Outdoor-Furniture/8fgn-5q6t

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