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A Smart phone app to make finding Intellectual Property patent claims.


Currently searching for patents and claims are hard and for new businesses that have a great idea, they want to find out if their idea has already been patented. 

This app will make it easy to find patents by allowing Users to drill down into categories.


There are many entrepreneurs and businessmen who want to register patents to protect their intellectual property. In order to do this, they need to research on whether there are any existing patents registered against their area of interest.
However, with the available online platforms, it's very hard to find patents using existing tools. Most of these platforms lack appropriate searching capabilities.

The Patent Finder App helps the end users to search and find the right patents against the specified categories. So based upon specific industry, business and ideas, this app can help users find similar patents, quickly, around the idea that they want to patent themselves.

IP finder app is structured around the internationally recognised International Patent Classification categories that will help the end user to drill down tall the way to required patents.

This app features top-down tree structure that traverses from industries through services, and down to patents.
In the future, additional work can be improved to have more advanced search features and the ability to view all patent details in an easy to view format.

This app is a part of the Digital Accelerator Hub and can be also combined with the other data that is avaliable on the website to also promote South Australia

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