Team Name: 
The Owls

Owl opens up political government data making it more approachable to Australian citizens.

Owl's primary function is to analyse government transcripts extracting information relevant to key topics and transmitting this information visually on a platform as well as through contextual twitter feeds.

Further functionality in the future can include other datasets from multiple sources including scientific, financial or health data.  Any govenment body or member of the public can access the owl portal creating a twitter channel feed based on their preferred data set or interests.

The project covers the following main aspects:

  • uses government transcripts
  • generates policy insights
  • puts data into the context of an ongoing communication within community generating potential impact on citizens
  • provides government with a possibility to take a further step into digital communication of their data
  • connects data to the Internet of People
  • generates meaning from data usually conceived as "dry" for the public with a focus on youth
Datasets Used: 
Hansard Federal Transcripts Better quality video: http://youtu.be/EXNkrykTp6I

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