Team Name: 
Team WC

Our Story was created for Govhack 2015 by Team WC. It uses multiple open data sets provided by the State Library of Queensland to show pins on a map where historic events occored. The focus of this Web App is to tell the stories of Queensland and the people who sculpted our history. This Web App is currently using only using Queensland data which provides roughly 18,000 entries however it can be expanded in the future with interstate data. Users can click on a pin to find out information and images of the event.

We aim to make this web app available to students, teachers and anyone who would like to learn more about the histroy of QLD  and eventually Australia. These are important historical timeline events that may have been overlooked or not known by the majority of public, Our Story.

Datasets Used: 
State Library of Queensland: https://data.gov.au/dataset/picture-queensland https://data.gov.au/dataset/real-estate-maps/resource/f5ecd45e-7730-4517-ad29-73813c7feda8 https://data.gov.au/dataset/slq-photographs-1914-1918/resource/26b0b235-13f0-4132-ae47-5ccf3d1c8e89 https://data.gov.au/dataset/slq-the-queenslander-newspaper-photographs-1914-1918/resource/5bc00f98-2d96-47d6-a0ca-2089ebd1130d

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