Our Local Stories

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Our Local Stories

Our stories remind us of our heritage, and the ABC photographic archive is a treasure chest of our history.

Our Local Stories uses the ABC photographic archive to build a interactive and visual map connecting people to the history of their community.

On the site, they can

  • Explore / uncover media / stories they might have missed,
  • Find historical new stories for their current location, and
  • Improve the ABC data set by providing citizen-journalist content to add insight into their perspective on a news event.

Our primary data set is the ABC Historical Archive (2011 - 2014).

We have used a range of tech frameworks, including

  • Backend  - Python Django Postgres
  • Front End - Angular JS OpenStreetMap
  • Design - Adobe Creative Suite


Not just a pretty website!

We de-coupled the back end from the front end, so now we have a stand-alone API, created a github organisation (https://github.com/OurLocal) , so now other developers (an future govhackers) can build upon our API, and create their own visualisations!  New data sets, new local content, more engagement!

Datasets Used: 
ABC Photo Archive 2011 - 2014

Local Event Location: