Team Name: 
Mystery Team

We are a bunch of professionals passionate about current issues in health care and really want to make a difference in people's life.

We have worked together Dr Smita Shah and Coralie Wales, in Primary Health Care Education and Research Unit and Kim Smyth, Head of Commercial Innovation in a large pharmaceutical company to develop a prioritised list of issues to tackle.

We are determined to offer an engaging way to assist youth in Australia dealing with mental illness, and more particularly depression.

Conducting extensive research across government data (ABS, Australian Institute of Health & Welfare, Beyond Blue, Black Dog, Public Hospital Database 2012-2013, local government data, Open Data NSW), Charities data, we have found that a lot of the information was out of date and difficult to utilise.

We however found stricking numbers on depression, mental illness and suicide rates around Australia. We cannot let this happen any longer.

To enrich our dataset and get a more in-depth understanding of youth perception of mental illness, causes and consequences, we went on the street in the local area and interviewed around 15 people aged 14 to 25 years. Our findings were stricking. Some of the causes are clearly undersood, such as bullying and the impact on people's life significant, in extreme cases leading to suicide.

We also found that youth is very engaging online, in social media. Looking at ways to engaged, our research participants could all recall a surprising unepected fun experience they had online recently.

After hours and hours of ideation, we developed a solution that we would implement in 2 folds:

- develop a marketing campaign using gamification to go viral on social media

- build a platform with a large community of experts, professionals, supporters and affected youth

The marketing campaign is a simple yet surprising game, with an old fashion look and feel to attract 14-25 young people's curiosity. We have developed with a very unique delivery through a cooperative online escape room adventure. Each player, the hero, engaged with real person on the other side of the game, and goes through an entertaining and fun scenario.

Through the game, we are able to collect anonymised information to provide government to improve existing data on youth and mental health. We are also able to create an interactive map to correlate service locations, suicide rate per state and diagnosed young people.

The next step of our project is to develop a community plateform connecting professional, supporters and young people affected with mental illness to provide a personalised support, gamified and leading to recovery. 

In turn, once recovered, the young person can join the supporter network and assist other young people in need as part of the game



Datasets Used: 
Authoritative information and statistics to promote better health and wellbeing Charity data NSW governement services Institute of Health & Welfare

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