My Money's Worth

My Money's Worth
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Intelligent Questions

We are here to talk about one of the certainties in life, Taxes.

The most important document any government releases is the National Budget, unfortunately we believe the current state of access to this document is not up to par with what society needs. It is freely and relatively easy to access, however, the shear scale and complexity of the budget scares off the average citizen.

Our project My Money's Worth is designed to increase the accessibilty of the budget and create a relatable interface for individuals. 

We break down the budget into overall percentages and then map those percentages to the amount of tax paid by people, this allows you to map and see the breakdown of your own personal contribution to the National Budget. Essentially your investment into public policy.

Datasets Used: 
Budget 2015-16 Tables and Data – The 2015-16 Budget is officially available at as the authoritative source of Budget Papers and Portfolio Budget Statement (PBS) documents.

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