Lost Found

Lost Found
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Boo Hiss

More than 15,000 items were lost on Victorian Public Transport system last year. While phones, keys and wallets are the most common items... A cello, jackhammer, rocking horse and set of fake teeth were amongst the more peculiar items found by Yarra Tram staff!

Items handed in to staff are catalogued and entered into a central computer database, a tedious and labour intensive process. Even with these procedures in place, the process of retrieving a lost property is not an easy one for commuter. A commuter have to call up the Yarra Tram Customer Feedback to find out if the lost item has been handed in. If a matching item has indeed been handed to a staff member, the commuter will be provided with contact details for the relevant depot.

What if the Yarra Tram (or PTV) lost property service is crowdsourced, and thus made digital and accessible?

  • With crowdsourcing we are creating a connected community (of happy commuters!).
  • With a free flow of information from the commuters back to service providers, we could raise public safety & awareness.
  •  With digital platform-agnostic service, we could make government services relevant and useful.
  •  With all of that in mind, "LOST FOUND" was born during Govhack 2015.

"LOST FOUND" is a commuter web app for connecting commuter who has lost an item, the finder as well as government services provider. While we envisioned the app as a platform-agnostic digital lost property service, alas, we only have 26 hours to hack it together! 

Nevertheless, this is only the first step, we hope to hear your comments and eventually release the service as a tool to connect fellow commuters. Stay tuned for more updates! 

Boo Hiss

Datasets Used: 
https://www.data.vic.gov.au/data/dataset/ptv-timetable-api We use PTV timetable api to retrieve the nearby tram stops based on the current geolocation of the user. Based on the stop selected, the list of the tram lines that travel by will be presented to the user to select the tram that she left her item at. We planned to use the Victora's police data station data set for the reporter to hand in the found item at the closest police station but the API / data set from data.vic.gov.au (https://www.data.vic.gov.au/data/dataset/victorian-police-stations) does not work

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