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Our project brings the ANZAC story closer to home. There are many commemorative events coming over the next three years to do with the Great War and we wanted people to feel some connection with those events. Local Heroes uses information from the national archives and the NSW State Library's collection of diaries and letters to link to those who came from a user's local area. The national archives have the enlistment records for all who served in the Australian forces in the War, along with their birth locations so we can connect them modern localities.

The NSW State Library's collection of over 11,000 diaries and letters lets us link to any materials written during the hositlities for a much more personal view of what was going on.

As for the prizes, we're using WW1 data from the National Archives/War Memorial, and the data from the NSW State Library.

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NSW State Library WWI DIARY AND LETTER TRANSCRIPTS API The National Archives official Australian World War One defence service personnel dossiers (http://discoveringanzacs.naa.gov.au/series-info/b2455/)

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