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The problem we focused on was inequality. This was a meaty area to dig into, so we focused our attention on the general public's perceptions about poverty in New Zealand. We wanted to create empathy and understanding around what depravation means for someone's life, and turn data back into stories.

We created a simulator for people to compare two lives. Users select two regions and are introduced to two young characters. The game then rolls through their lifetime and presents statistically likely events based on data mapped back to their geographical area unit. 

Datasets Used: 
Information on job status, highest level of education, ownership of house http://www.stats.govt.nz/ census data: http://www.stats.govt.nz/Census/2013-census/data-tables/meshblock-dataset.aspx shapefiles of Area units https://koordinates.com/ Alternative centroids / geodata http://nzdotstat.stats.govt.nz/wbos/Index.aspx extract specific stats versus large data file dump (DataHub table viewer) https://data.govt.nz/ Additional datasets

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