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Australia's workforce is changing like never before. Government jobs once considered 'safe' are being outsourced and workers in the automobile industry are being let go en masse as whole factories close. Previous generations considered loyalty to one company a badge of honour. However, in the modern economy, those from older generations especially have found that loyalty has been misplaced as the workforce structural changes have forced thousands to re-skill to adapt. 

Industry Check aims to inform people of the economic trends so that they are prepared. It was built with the car industry worker in mind, often having committed decades to their craft, only to be let go as car companies pack up and leave Australia. With the whole industry closing up, thousands of these loyal, hard-working employees must re-skill and re-enter the workforce as if they were young again. While offering a visual representation of data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) to inform people of the trends in their industry, Industry Check also offers a guide for a wide range of government services from job search to child care support. The user navigates the page by choosing what type of help they need and then is recommended assistance based on their personal circumstances. 

In this initial version of Industry Check, I have started with an ABS.Stat dataset: 'Counts of businesses including entries and exits, 2010-2014 metadata: businesses by industry division.' This data shows the growth of businesses in each industry. I wanted to use data that showed which industries have the most new business growth because the majority of new businesses are labour intensive and need labour quickly, compared to established businesses with long and complicated hiring processes. Trends show that established businesses have been decreasing the number of hours each employee works instead of firing them, thus business growth data is more relevant than raw unemployment statistics. In later versions of this product I hope to add more data to better inform the user. My next focus is data specific to regional workforce change, as those who live in regional areas have less employment opportunities and are often forced to relocate to work. 

Contrary to many ideas I considered, which mainly made data look pretty without offering much value, my more simple and straightforward design was developed for optimal clarity and readability. The step-by-step design mirrors the journey workers face when they realise that a change of industry or career is coming. 

My prize selection is fairly broad but the prize which I think my project best satifies is the Bounty: Most Useful Product or Service for the Public. This is not because I think my website will attract repeat visitors like Facebook; but because in times of need--when people are faced with life-changing decisions, and are stressed, anxious and afraid--my website aims to show that there is hope, and point them in the direction of the help that they need. 

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'Counts of Businesses including Entries and Exits, 2010-2014 MetaData : Businesses by Industry Division

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