IGOR - an AGOR assistant

Hackasaurus Wrecks
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Hackasaurus Wrecks

We enhanced the data available within the Australian Government Organisations Register into a user friendly format, so that it can be easy understand what Government portfolios exist and how they change over time.

IGOR represents Government Organisation data in a sortable, searchable and paginated format. It allows the user to drill-down, and view the history of a field for a particular entity. This history view provides a clear picture of how the dataset has changed over time.

IGOR also visualises numerical data (such as staffing, budgets and expenses) in user friendly graphs.

IGOR is a better representation of Government agency data. It enhances the user experience (UX) by connecting them with the data in a usable and accessable interaction.

Future Goals
As the current data set spans a short six month timeframe, IGOR would become a more valuable resource if it could draw on a larger dataset. This would mean that portfolios could be tracked over time.

Datasets Used: 
IGOR is developed with Javascript, the DataTables plugin for jQuery, Bootstrap for responsive styling and Google Charts to represent numerical data. Department of Finance: Australian Government Organisations Register - http://data.gov.au/dataset/australian-government-organisations-register

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