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HeyGOV is a website that lets the community review and vote on public projects.

Millions of people use rating and reviews websites every day to decide what to eat, where to live, and where to stay. We want people to be able to do the same with public projects. We feel it's important that you’re able to have your say in what's happening in your community. The challenge was to design a system that leverages public attention, with the benefits being, ultimately a more engaged public and greater transparency.

Key features
Each project is linked to the organization responsible for the project, and shows the completion status of the project, as well as the budget allocated for it. People will be able to compare projects in their region or state and decide which ones they think are better. The goal is to make public projects easy for people to access and relate to.

The rating system:
HeyGOV has a like/dislike voting system. Likes and Dislikes from users will be shown on HeyGOV as "Support" and "disapprove"

The review system:
HeyGOV also allows you to review current projects. Why? We believe that the community should be able to give their feedback on projects that will impact their lives in some way, shape or form. The number of reviews will be aggregated to show which projects people are most passionate about.

Support votes  from the public are mapped against budget size so we can see where projects fall in terms of public support. This also gives people an overall picture of where money is being spent for public projects.

Benefits and value
We’re encouraging people to add their voices to the mix, so there’s a better picture of where public support is for projects that are currently in place or proposed for the future. The goal here to have digitally driven social transparency, that the government is also able to respond to. There are thousands of projects happening, so hey.gov lets you filter by category and location to find the ones that you care about the most.

We hope it becomes cross-platform compatible. Using responsive design people could quickly access this on multiple devices. We would also want to have a way to calculate a user’s credibility on hey.gov - based on their activity on the website.

Features we’d like to include in future iterations include a platform for members of government to engage with the public, to “join the conversation” and to respond to individuals on their terms, in an open and inclusive way.

The technology we used in the prototype was a combination of HTML5, CSS3, Javascript - Highcharts to build our data visualisation

Music by Lullatone Note: Please use the latest version of Chrome to browse the live demo. 

Datasets Used: 
Major Projects (Victoria) Annual Budget Initiatives (by Suburb) – Brisbane City Council Regional Australia funding projects Major Developments Directory NSW Local Government Area Dataset

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