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What's up doc?

The problem that we wanted to tackle is the unawareness of diseases among the population. We started from the concept that a disease is much easier to prevent than to cure.

The project is to create a user-friendly platform that would bring in meaningful information drawn from the various government research to improve your life expectancy and general health.

This project is a platform that would coordinate the information drawn from the data sets relating to death due to different causes such as disease and incidents, and then produce output information which benefits the user relating to risk assessment of health issues and advise them on what to do on a daily basis to decrease significantly their risks.

We analyzed the data of the past few years and came up with the major causes of death per age and sex. We did some research on the factors that influence these diseases and linked them

Why did you choose to build it?

The project was decided by consensus. After reviewing the data sets the team felt that health provided the most interesting social impact project to work on.

What we found was that it was hard to navigate the government data sets relating to mortality and health for useful information. Thus, the purpose of this project was to make the data sets more meaningful to end-users and to create an output .

What does it do?

It will collect information from the chosen data sets relating to health concerning your current circumstances such as gender, age, and behavioral and clinical factors, to produce a health profile that outlines your mortality risks. In turn, we will provide pertinent tailored advice contingent on your mortality risks.

Who is it for?

The product is for users who seek information relating to individuals interested in prolonging their life through pertinent and tailored insight about their health. Thus, our users will be the general public.

How we satisfy the prize categories we have selected? 

Best use of NSW Data – Our project is eligible for this category because the data was sourced from Ours provides the best use of the information from NSW data, helping improve the life expectancy of individual Australians, saving money on hospital costs.


The best entrepreneurial hack – The team considers this to be the best entrepreneurial hack because we were approached by industry experts and stakeholders endorsing our product.

Furthermore, we believe our platform could be effectively commercialized. By linking our platform to certain apps like pedometer apps we can find a way to link the type of physical activity you do, to your mortality risks. For example people who are categorized into a moderate risk group of death by cardiovascular disease are recorded to exercise on average of 3000 steps a day, and you want to be placed under a low risk group, a group which on average records 6000 steps a day, you can receive immediate quantitative feedback on how to reduce your mortality risks. By integrating our platform with these apps, and providing many quantitative feedback on improving your health, it may prove quite fun and addictive for their end-user. Thus, our platform would be used quite frequently, and ads would be integrated into it, with these ads being relevant to the user’s profile and results. Thus, a viable business may be built around this platform.

Health and welfare bounty – Our platform is eligible for this prize, because we aim at helping people get healthier and help the research.

Most useful product or service for the public – Our platform provides pertinent tailored advice to end-users of the general public about how to prolong their life and health, information which is highly useful.

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