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Team Gate5B - have developed the Tourism Bizkit to help small New Zealand businesses capitalise on inbound tourism, and to help local communities better engage and develop insights on their regions tourism and cultural activities.

This is a fully mobile optimised responsive website.

Tourism is one of New Zealand’s biggest contributors to our GDP. Small businesses are the backbone of New Zealand’s economic market and we wanted to build a tool that serves to help entrepreneurs find emerging tourism markets in New Zealand that they can take advantage of and thus provide new tourism experiences, contribute to the economy, the employment market and the tourism market. 

In our research we found that navigating the mire of business data is a complex and time consuming activity. We wanted to produce a platform that consolidates this information and allows for potential business owners to hypothesise (based on future forecast data) regional areas and potential businesses of interest to set up.

We've pulled data from a range of sources from Ministry of Business Innovation, International visitor’s survey, Statistics NZ, Regional and territorial local authorities and forecasted tourism data. We also sourced from

We have chosen to enter two competition categories - Digital Humanities & Entrepreneurial.

Digital Humanities - we help provide an intuitive way for locals to see what is going on in their local area, and to appreciate the local activities, including cultural, that are available, and also to understand the cultural perspective of the people visiting their area. For example, do cultural activities feature in the top % in my local region, where are visitors coming from, what are the trends and where could I get involved to better drive cultural experiences for my community and visitors to my area. With, we can see if we have cultural focused busines in our area. This web site uses regional and relevant content from DigitalNZ to provide a more engaging experience and to better understand cultural insights of ones area. The next iteration of this site would link out to providers of services supporting community and culture.

Entrepreneurial category - This as a two-fold opportunity - we see this tool as an important resource for NZ small business to understand current markets activity and future opportunities within the tourism sector.  Currently it is hard for entrepreneurs to easily find tourism data relevant to their area.  This new BizKit tool tool combines multiple data sources and presents it in a simple way.  We see also see that this product can be commercialised, if not by MBIE, then by a provider supported by an advertising revenue model (tourism business ads).

The approach to the Tourism BizKit is to provide a simple to use, intuitive style to make it easy for anyone to get better insights. 

Tools used:  D3, jQuery, Google Maps API, Amazon Web Services, PhP, MySQL, Apache,


The BizKit product – how does it work – and some key features.

Visitors go to


(1) Users select the area of interest on the map - this is a Google map, overplayed with simplified TLA boundary data from Ko0rdinates.  (TLA - Territorial Local Authority).

(2) The Top 10 Attractions for the selected region are then presented visually. The size of the circle indicates the current activity, the colour indicating the growth trend for that region. These element are data driven from the Internation Visitor Survey (IVS). The imagery is dynamically picked up to relate to region - from Digital NZ.

(3) Clicking on any activity then brings the user to the last insight screen which provides overview of the region, with visitor numbers, spend, and some trend forecasts on future opportunities.  It provides population information and info on service providers in that area.

All the pages are data driven as per the sources listed below, and is all public data.

If we had time  - we would enhance the end to end experience by integrating into the Trade Me API to show [live] the businesses that are for sale in the Tourism sector.  We would also look to integrate to data & product partners by having an information capture feature to sell advertising space, and provide users information to vendors, and also MBIE for followup.

Team Members - 

Product & Feature Design - Nic Smythe, Ben Morgan

Marketing / Strategy / Insights - Angela Farelly

Audio Visual / Digital Sources - Mark Baker

Data sourcing and ETL - Mark Sim-Smith, Edeliz Hinto, Edna Lu

Back-end / Front-end Development - Mike Cochrane, Michael Ng, Roy Jin

Innovation Wrangler - Rob McDonnell


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Twitter: @Gate5B_NZ:

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Datasets Used: 
International Visitor Survey - Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment for Activities, Spend, Places Visited and TLA data, Sub National Population Estimates - Stats NZ, Regional Tourism Estimates - MBIE gov, Digital NZ, - data sourced, TLA - Boundaries Ko-ordinates (used in conjunction Google Maps open api). Photos from Digital NZ, are icons used are public

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