Find My New Zealand

Find My New Zealand
Team Name: 
Team New Life

Find My New Zealand assists people to determine where in New Zealand they want to live, to find their own slice of paradise based on their personal preferences such as Affordability, Social or Cultural factors, Safety, Education and Environment.

This enables their choice to be personal, based on their needs and experiences.

Our ambition is that Find My New Zealand will support peoples choices

What went well

The team worked well together and communbicated well. We also had a good mix of Development, Data, and Business skillsets to call on. Some key factors are:

  • We chose Trello as a tool to support the team communication and work allocation.
  • Careful identification, analysis, and prioritisation of datasets.
  • Data aggregation,  interpretation and presentation was a team effort
  • We regularly met to discuss project progress and direction
  • Work allocation meant the video production was happening in parallel.

For the event we were happy with:

  • Event organisation and coordination
  • Food and drink
  • A beer for the event
  • The location was excellent, including great technology support (Rooms, Power, Wifi)


Problems/Roadblocks encountered were:

  • Information about and access to some specific datasets
  • Data conversion due to data format availability
  • Inconsistency between dataset base blocks (e.g.; NZ meshblocks)
Datasets Used: 
OpenStreetmaps - Stats NZ ------------------------------------------ Stats NZ Meshblock, Areas, TAs, etc - See: Recorded crime offender statistics: Results from 2013 census: 2013 Census Data (Industry employment by district, Ethnic Groups) Trade Me ----------------------------------------- Jobs and Properties - thank you Paul Bartrum from Trade Me for your assistance - ----------------------------------------- The Aviation Colour Code for each volcanic centre - GeoJSON Volcono Alert Levels - GeoJSON file Geonet's EarthQuake Realtime information link - GeoJSON,-49.18170,182.98828,-32.28713&startdate=2015-6-4T1:00:00&enddate=2015-7-4T2:00:00 Geonet's EarthQuake Realtime information link - GeoJSON,-49.18170,182.98828,-32.28713&startdate=2015-6-4T1:00:00&enddate=2015-7-4T2:00:00 Recreation ----------------------------------------- Recreation - Parks and Reserves Recreation Centres api link Recreation Playgrounds api Education ----------------------------------------- MSD ----------------------------------------- Contracts Database QV (Quotable Value) ----------------------------------------- House Price and Growth Rate (June 2014)

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