Fill the Gap

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Fill the Gap

Our primary source of data was the skill shortage list by immigration. We also used rate of attrition and enrollment by age data- from education, median income by industry from stats nz (LEED). These things helped us identify the need for our solution and design the form it would take. 

We believe education is timeless. The education system doesn’t operate that way. The sage on the stage is struggling against the digital guide in our pockets.


In between NCEA and university some students fall through the gaps. They become disengaged with learning. Some students lack tertiary entry requirements. 45% of all qualifications started in New Zealand aren’t finished. People who don’t get access to the university environment, don’t get access to the jobs that it leads into. Unnecessary student loans, forsaken income, wasted time- The cost of learning shouldn’t be so high.


Our initial project was an open source education platform that would replace both secondary and tertiary education. It was a bit much for 48 hours. We looked at the data and reidentified our problem. We saw high rates of attrition and skill shortages. We aren’t learning what we need to.

We want to fill the gap. Our website is a portal to the world of open source education. A place of flexible and cheap learning. A forum for industry to communicate their needs accurately. Guidance for the lost, food for the curious and hope for the dejected. In the future we will offer accurate reviews of course. We will show the transitions from skills that are fun to learn to careers that are satisfying to do. We will improve access to information of the nature of different careers.


Fill the gap. Be a part of the solution. Find new interests. Be excited by learning again. See new career paths open in front of you. Embrace the efficiency of the internet. Embrace the agility of open source education. Embrace the joy of personal and professional growth.



Datasets Used: 
NZ Occupational skills shortage list, rates of attrition (education), enrolment by age (Education), median income by industry.

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