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Fact Fuelled - an analysis of trends in violence and alcohol consumption in NSW

This project brings together data about rates of alcohol-related violence and domestic violence in NSW, making it easy to compare trends over time by geographic area.

In response to some high-profile assaults in 2013, there were widespread claims that Sydney was in the grip of an ‘epidemic’ of alcohol-fuelled violence. As a result, new laws were enacted in NSW in February 2014 that prevent more people entering licenced venues in the Sydney CBD after 1.30 a.m. and the service of alcohol after 3 a.m. These laws have been praised for leading to a drop in alcohol-related violence in the CBD. We set out to test these claims and examine the data about alcohol abuse and violence in NSW, drawing on information from HealthStats NSW and BOCSAR. We found that rates of risky drinking and overall assault have been declining for the last decade.  In contrast, rates of domestic violence are increasing . Although domestic violence is beginning to occupy a greater place in our national conversation, it is yet to receive a concerted policy response.

We've visualised this information to make these disparate and complex datasets easy to view and understand. We intend to create an app that would allow a range of datasets, including information about health, education, access to services and socio-economic wellbeing to be readily explored and understood by geographic area and trend over time.

The tool is intended for use by policy-makers, journalists and the general community to enable them to access data quickly and understand it. By presenting longitudinal data in a way that is easy to explore, we’re hoping to counter alarmist responses to a perceived crisis and enable a more informed conversation about policy responses to violence in NSW.

Axure Project Prototype - http://pvn38u.axshare.com

Datasets Used: 
Health statistics NSW http://data.nsw.gov.au/data/dataset/health-statistics-nsw Alcohol attributable hospitalisations http://www.healthstats.nsw.gov.au/Indicator/beh_alcafhos/beh_alcafhos_comparison Alcohol drinking in adults http://www.healthstats.nsw.gov.au/Indicator/beh_alc_age/beh_alc_comparison NSW local government areas https://data.gov.au/dataset/nsw-local-government-areas Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research - recorded crime dataset and ranking dataset http://www.bocsar.nsw.gov.au/Pages/bocsar_crime_stats/bocsar_detailedspreadsheets.aspx

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