EZRego - Taking the pain out of buy and selling cars.
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This project pertains to the VicRoads vehicle registration transfer¹ process.


The process is currently based around a paper form which is very error prone and is the cause of much wasted human effort, time, and money. There are approximately 336,000 transfers of registration submitted to VicRoads annually and 28% of these are either incomplete, invalid or in dispute.


The goal of this project is to increase the efficiency of this process by the creating of a web site and form based around the existing paper form. The web form will validate data input by the user from various existing cloud based data sources and client side scripts.


Why did you choose to build this?

This project has the potential to significantly benefit the Victorian motoring community by making it simpler, faster and easier to buy and sell cars.


What does it do?

EZrego helps Victorian motorists transfer vehicle registration without pain even when the buyer and seller don't have time to meet in person. The web site inputs the required data by way of an online form validates the data and submits required data to VicRoads for storage in their vehicle registration databases.


Who is it for?

The website is primarily for the use of buyers and sellers of cars in Victoria and VicRoads.


Data Reuse.

To be viable the project would need access to licence number, vehicle identification numbers, registration numbers.

Additionally data from fines.vic.gov.au and ppsr.gov.au could be used to validate data such as whether or not the vehicle has any outstanding fines, warrants or if the vehicle is correctly registered.


¹Transfer of registration is a change of the registered operator of a registered vehicle this is not necessarily the same thing as "ownership".






Datasets Used: 
Address validation data.

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