Extra Info: Service design challenge - can you make it easier to buy & sell cars in Victoria?

For GovHackers interested in the Service design challenge from the Victorian Goverment & VicRoads, here's some extra information and ideas that may help stimulate your thinking:

- There's about 350,000 transfers of vehicle registration from private buyer in Victoria to private seller each year

- About 100,000 of these need to be redone or need extra work because people don't supply the right information.

- The most common missing information includes: lack of payment, missing signatures, missing Roadworthy Certificate, missing market value.

- Another 10,000 or so transfers are not submitted - creating an issue when the vehicle is next sold (as VicRoads has an inaccurate report of who owns the vehicle's registration)

- These issues create flow-on problems, with parking & speeding fines sent to the wrong people, insurance issues and potentially even problems at tax time. It also costs the public money as VicRoads sends out 275,000 letters related to these issues each year, plus they take staff time to resolve.

Some ideas for teams entering the challenge:

- Check out the VicRoads information on vehicle registration transfers at: https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/registration/buy-sell-or-transfer-a-vehi...

- Speak to Craig or Matt at GovHack Melbourne for a physical copy of the transfer form (12 pages long with carbon paper!)

- Consider how to reduce errors in the process through digitalising it, integrating with data such as market prices for vehicles from Redbook (http://www.redbook.com.au/cars/valuation-certificates)

- Consider related things people buying and selling cars may need as a result of buying a vehicle - a way to issue a digital receipt for the purchase (rather than a scrawl on a napkin), to get or end their vehicle insurance, whether they need to get or cancel an e-TAG, if they may need kid seats, etc.

- Think about how to capture the information needed for a transfer, using a camera on a mobile device, OCR to record a VIN Number, etc

- Keep in mind - how are you making the process easier, faster & helping people avoid mistakes or missing information (thereby reducing frustration).

And please ask Matt or me if you want more information on the process! Either here, via Twitter (to @craigthomler) or in person at the Melbourne GovHack venue.