Your ticket to fun in Canberra
Team Name: 
Alcon United

ExploreCBR is a web and mobile application for tourists and locals to discover everything that Canberra has to offer.

ExploreCBR uses multiple ACT datasets to display the location of various types of public infrastructure around Canberra and the wider ACT region. The app shows the location of sporting, recreational, and leisure facilities in Canberra, as well as standard infrastructure such as public toilets. ExploreCBR allows users to discover interesting and exciting places to go to in Canberra and try out new activities with friends and family. 

ExploreCBR uses an extendable PHP and JavaScript foundation, and although we did not have time to include all the data we wanted in the time we were given, adding new datasets to the application is an incredibly simple process, taking no more than five minutes. As a result, our application can be easily contributed to by other developers.

ExploreCBR was created by Shayan Rasaratnam, Sachin Boniface, James Riley, Ben Maliel, and Alex Malone.


Datasets Used: 
Basketball courts in the ACT - https://www.data.act.gov.au/Infrastructure-and-Utilities/Basketball-Courts/igti-4f4a Skate parks in the ACT - https://www.data.act.gov.au/Infrastructure-and-Utilities/Skate-Parks/3np9-m3i7 Playgrounds in the ACT - https://www.data.act.gov.au/Infrastructure-and-Utilities/Town-And-District-Playgrounds/fwth-mr9q Barbeques in the ACT - https://www.data.act.gov.au/Infrastructure-and-Utilities/Barbeques-in-ACT/v2u4-uniz Fitness sites in the ACT - https://www.data.act.gov.au/Infrastructure-and-Utilities/Fitness-Sites/h4qc-3txc Public toilets in the ACT - https://www.data.act.gov.au/Infrastructure-and-Utilities/Public-Toilets-Map/jx8w-bw2e Gazetted features in the ACT - https://www.data.act.gov.au/People-and-Society/ACT-GAZETTED-FEATURES/wyif-uh5r

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