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The Road Warriors



Currently, it's hard, slow and error prone to sell a private vehicle in Victoria. Of the over 300,000 private vehicle transfers, 100,000 of them contained errors. It costs time and money for VicRoads to individually contact the buyer to sort out these errors. Many buyers are completely unaware of the errors they are making.


  • Seller must obtain a Roadworthy Certificate.
  • Signature is required from both buyer and seller
  • A payment must be made to VicRoads by the buyer


We will solve this problem by creating an app “EasyTransfer”. This app will speed up the transfer process by limiting the amount of manual input needed, this will also limit the amount of errors in the application.

EasyTransfer will work by first, taking a photo of the Buyer’s licence (the license contains their Surname, Given name, Address, Date of Birth, and Licence number) and getting them to sign on the phone’s screen. Secondly, the seller will also take a photo of their licence and sign the phone, but in addition, they will take a photo of the Roadworthy Certificate (which contains all of the details about the car). The only thing left to calculate is the market value, this will be done by contacting external severs at www.carfacts.com.au and analysing the market value of the car to calculate the duty payable.

Finally it will submit the data to VicRoads, subtracting the duty fee from their GooglePlay or ApplePay Wallet, and the buyer will be free to drive away with their newly purchased vehicle.

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