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South Yarra Folks

This hack is about making open data owned by Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning easily accessible to the public on the web. The hack allows to expose and promote field verified recreational track and site data within State Forests to DELWP staff and the general public in an interactive web application format. The main target audience is Victorian residents, visitors, tourists and outdoor enthusiasts who would like to explore the state forests via various outdoor activities.

The new interactive map solution will allow the end user to review the nearby located recreational tracks and sites based on set of proximity settings in relation to user's current location as well as show selected details of any of the selected track. This web solution would be typically used by tourists, first time travelers, outdoor explorers, fitness enthusiasts who would like to explore nearby surroundings. Exposure of recreational data helps develop stronger, healthier communities through promoting participation in spontaneous or pre-planned outdoor physical activity through making government data more accessible to public.

The data used is recreational track and recreational sites data collected on site with a Trimble pro XR GSP with an external antenna. Original recreational track and site data is attributed with various parameters e.g. name, recreational activity type (walking, horse riding, mountain biking, trail biking, scenic driving, four wheel driving), recreational site type, etc. The map tiles are accessible via HERE Maps API, that has a potential of supporting routing option to this web based service which would let end users estimate the time required to travel to the specific route or to reach any destination along the route.

Showcase 1: a tourist/group of tourists arrive in a rural area on a weekend and find tourist information center is closed so brochures or advice regarding nearby camping or hiking options is unavailable. Tourist would like to see what hikes are present in nearby state forests. They are ready to drive up to a certain distance (e.g. 50 km from current location) to the trailhead of a hike. Easy Tracks web application identifies their location via GPS coordinates and allows them to set a search radius to 50km. The recreational tracks within this radius are then listed and reflected and allow the end user to pick up the one of the interest and review its location. Benefits for tourists: no need to spend additional time to search for recreational tracks and sites online or in paper brochures; all track and site data is combined in one web application; opportunity to choose a track or site based on available attribution and proximity settings. Benefits for DELWP: government data is easily accessible to the public; promotion of recreational activities in the state forests.

Showcase 2: a family planning a weekend out of the city and looking for ideas or information on where to go and what to do. Easy Tracks is a convenient way to search for various types of outdoor activities, be it a scenic car drive or walking track. After setting a specific radius, search returns a list of tracks located within this area. Track exact location can then be reviewed by clicking each of them individually.

Further development options might include: combining outdoor data sets from various data sources to display in a single web tool, adding more attributes to display for every track and site, adding a routing algorithm for navigation functionality.



Datasets Used: 
Recreation Track https://www.data.vic.gov.au/data/dataset/recreation-track ; Recreation Sites https://www.data.vic.gov.au/data/dataset/recreation-sites

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