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Drive Safe
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The high growth of the number of vehicles has led to roads with higher traffic density. The immediate effect of this situation is the dramatic increase of traffic accidents on the road, which has become a serious problem in Australia. Statistics show that in Australia more than 40000 people died by road accidents during 1970 to 1980. Also, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the majority of transport related deaths (72% in 2009) in Australia is associated with motor vehicles driven on public roads.

Road accidents may also lead to major health problems which may incur significant cost on the federal government. Furthermore, each year in Australia many thousands of collisions occur between motor vehicles and animals, which cause considerable vehicle repair costs, injury to persons, and loss of animal life.

To address the concerns above, we have developed an application, namely, Drive Safe, which can be integrated with the GPS navigation system. Drive Safe uses the latest cutting-edge technology in Artificial Intelligence as well as the open data available from the Queensland Government and the Gold Coast City Council. Drive Safe improves drivers’ awareness by indicating the accident-prone roads, flood affected areas, and animal crossing roads. This app gives peace of mind to drivers by identifying safer roads for their travel.

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Queensland Government data, Gold Coast City Council data

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