Disasters Warning Service for Australian Transportation

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The Four

Extreme events such as bushfire, flood, hail, and tornado can have severe economic, environmental, and social impacts on the Australian communities. In particular, their disruptive effects on the performance and operation of the transport network can be serious. Fortunately, relevant historical and modelled data from various government agencies can be used to both predict and mitigate disruptions in the transportation of people and goods. This project aims to provide an understanding of the effects of the extreme events on different areas and road network of Victoria. Interactive maps are developed, which visualise historical bushfires and severe storms, and major predicted floods in Victoria and identify road links vulnerable to these extreme events.

These interactive maps are useful in identifying high-rish map related to extreme events and their impacts on transport network. They can also be considered in the planning of mitigations.

Out project can be suitable for the following prizes:

International Best Disaster Mitigation Hack for investigating extreme events and affected road networks

The Best Open Government Data Hack for using various goverment datasets

Exploring what Victoria has to offer for analysing various Victorian government datasets

Most innovative use of interdisciplinary data for using different datasets such as floods, bushfires, storms, traffic volumes

Planning for our Future for investigating datasets from different Victorian government agencies

The Best Science Hack for the visualisation of scientific data that anyone can understand

Best use of data to improve Victorian local government services (or access to services) for improving transport services


We collect data about extreme events across Victoria, including bushfires, floods and storms, and road networks and traffic volumes. After processing the raw data in ArcGIS (e.g. filtering data for each local government area, connecting different datasets, and identifying high-rish road sections), we visualize them using CartoDB.


Datasets Used: 
ABS - regional statistics by local government area. Link: http://govhack.abs.gov.au/Index.aspx?themetreeid=1 BOM - severe storm archive. Link : http://www.bom.gov.au/australia/stormarchive/ Data.vic.gov.au - fire history, local government area boundary, road networks and traffic volumes, and Victorian flood database. Links: http://govhack.abs.gov.au/Index.aspx?themetreeid=1 https://www.data.vic.gov.au/data/dataset/arterial-road-traffic-volumes https://www.data.vic.gov.au/data/dataset/victoria-flood-database-statistical-extents-for-1-to-100-years-floods https://www.data.vic.gov.au/data/dataset/fire-history-overlay-of-most-recent-fires https://www.data.vic.gov.au/data/dataset/local-government-area-boundaries-road-polygon-vicmap-admin

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