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Project Name:  Digital Economy Accelerator

Team: Hactory


Australia is in the middle of a paradigm shift from the old world economy, into the new digital economy of the 21st century.  Pundits and industry analysts, such as Gartner are saying that this transition will be bigger than the industrial revolution.  It is now about the Internet of Everything (IoE) which is making all world things relevant and accessible to the internet.  This is where the physical and digital world collide.  No business can ignore the internet, and needs a digital strategy to ensure relevance and sustainability into the future.


South Australia has undergone a major transition over the last 10 years with significant reduction in manufacturing and mining.  The economy in SA is under threat with unemployment among the highest rates in Australia.  Mitsubishi has closed, Holdens is closing, Olympic Dam has been shelved, and the Submarines future is uncertain.

The employment base from the old manufacturing jobs, generally are not fluent in new digital techniques, and this is often the case with disadvantaged youth, who despite their age, and skills using social media, do not necessarily have the social capital to exploit and thrive in the digital age.

SA needs a fresh plan and a fresh direction to remedy the issues raised above.  We have an ageing population, and high youth unemployment.  Clearly the old world economy jobs will continue to dwindle.


The solution is to build and provide a technology platform to accelerate the required migration to the digital economy.  This platform will be coupled with bricks and mortar and other physical resources to ensure the required services are delivered where they are most needed.

The target audience will be initially two fold:

  1. Young disadvantaged people who want a career as knowledge workers within the digital economy

  2. Older manufacturing workers who want to transition into the the digital economy

Services provided will include:

Matching of :

  • The target audience to start-up coaching and mentoring services

  • Angel investors to scholarship applicants

  • All of the required business services such as advice in marketing, legal, sales and financial.  This can be with relevant govt. agencies such as legal aid, as well as pro bono minded commercial subject matter experts

Cloud based services to provide:

  • Demographic information from SA and Federal govt. agencies.  Use cases will include Angel investors locating areas most in need, based on data like median incomes house prices and unemployment statistics which are regional based.

  • Community spare capacity to assist start ups and education:

    • spare facilities such as school, university and library  rooms/halls.

    • charitable subject matter experts and coaches

  • Crowdsourcing

    • user ratings of service providers

    • collaboration portal to generate, stimulate and nurture digital innovations

Expand the concept

Once the initial program has proved successful, it can be expanded to include local SA aspiring entrepreneurs, as well as attracting entrepreneurs from other parts of the globe to live and work in SA.  This will open up the market place for SA, by attracting the best and brightest to sell their products and services globally from SA.  The incentive for this could be around tax incentives, such as generous research and development allowances, as well as promoting the attractive natural wonders of SA combined with the NBN, and government facilitated incubator services.

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