The Detective

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The Detective

We have mobile alerts for exercise, health and weather, why not safety! 

An alert whenever we venture near a dubious place. This app automatically monitors your location safety based on Smart Service Queensland’s ‘API documentation—crime locations 2000­–present’

The app will alert you based on your comfort zone. If you work in law enforcement, the red zone is where you want to be. The rest of us would be safer jogging in the green zone.

The aim of any application accessing massive data is to be able to present something that is so simple to use, that nobody would suspect the work that went into its creation.

'The Detective' seeks to achieve this, by presenting a simple interface, notifying if a location is safe.

Perhaps you're a coach, trialing a new early morning training run for your sports club.

You need to confirm that the new route is safe.

Our app uses the crime stats for each location and maps a colour matrix based on the crime frequency.

API references are from the document: HowToUseTheCrimeMapAPI.docx which was uploaded to this submission's GitHub Portal Link.

The app has only a few controls, one to set your safety comfort level, one to request how you would like to be alerted, after that, you'll only receive an alert if you're unsafe.  

Email alerts may also be copied to a third party such as a parent.

As we move towards heavier density living, our risk changes, so an application needs to be able to mashup different data to identify trends and predict results.

Once this app is in wide use, its opt-in crowdsourcing feedback should provide google-result-quality risk accuracy.

The application uses historical data, and weights that against time, severity, and constancy,  and then applies day-night, working hours, and proximity to home.

If you're near home, you should know the lay of the land. But if you're in a new town for a conference, and considering an early morning jog, some advice may be useful; even more useful if you're about to purchase a new apartment because you're moving to the big city.

The application fulfills the safety requirements of a broad cross-section of users 

  • Your Kids
  • Joggers
  • Tourists
  • Travelers
  • Home buyers
  • House Investors
  • Law Enforcement

The Application has a simple interface to the government data source and seeks to simplify how best to use this resource. 

The public does not have time to run police checks every time they plan a holiday or are travelling for work. 

Your mobile device can currently monitor health and fitness; we need to add a safety vector to its job profile.


Datasets Used: 
Main Resource API Data needed to cross-reference other data from the API (tricky) Other Sources for mash-up Smart Service Queensland" history for Offence numbers—police districts—monthly since July 2001.

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