Death and taxes

Hackasaurus Wrecks
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Hackasaurus Wrecks

They say that there are only two certainties in life: death and taxes.

But we were thinking… what if we used government data to work out which causes of death we should make less certain to improve our tax dollars.

To bring a bit of black humour to tax data, we used the ATO’s Individual tax tables and compared it to the deaths recorded by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare’s GRIM books for 2012. We also looked at the AIHW reports for Cancer mortality and health expenditure.

This is an interesting way to analyse ATO data. Instead of looking at how we can get people to pay more tax, why don't we consider using this information to get more people to pay tax? We used the GRIM data to work out how to keep our most valuable resources alive.

Our visualisation goes into detail about who, what and where our health spending should go to.



Datasets Used: 
AIHW - General Record of Incidence of Mortality (GRIM) books AIHW - Australian Cancer Incidence and Mortality AIHW - Health expenditure in Australia ATO - Individual Tax Tables

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