Team Name: 
J Mash

Inspired by the Hobo Code of the depression era, this aims to place discreet signage around the city to direct people (homeless and homed alike) to facilities (such as toilets, drinking fountains, showers, sharps disposal). Such signs would be placed at a well-known set of locations (street corners) and point to the nearest such facility. The system would be boot-strapped by placing more obvious signage to draw people's attention to the signs. Issues around literacy are worked around by using common icons/pictographs.

Data used includes Melbourne Outdoor furniture, Drinking fountains , Public Toilets and Helping out

A mobile-friendly web-app has been created to allow the City or other data maintainers to load a set of data, and show in which direction a particular sign should point from a particular street location/corner.

Datasets Used: 
Melbourne Outdoor furniture Drinking fountains Public Toilets Helping out

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