Cordial by J4
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Hey we're J4! A team of 5 based out of Griffith Uni on the Gold Coast. We decided to create Cordial a platform for people to view and discuss stories about their local communities. Cordial pulls data from both the ABC Local Stories repo as well as the Department of Indigenous Affairs and compiles it into one easy to read blog. 

Cordial is for anyone who wants to view local stories without having to search through the big media channels for the smaller, more community oriented stories. You'll find cordial has a heavy focus on imagery in order to give personality to the stories. A lot of websites focus on the data without adding visuals and creating an experience that users will remember. By creating an easy to use interface designed around the user, and focusing on visuals, cordial is able to create a unique and memorable experience. 

Whilst we didn't get around to implementing these features due to time constraints Cordial has several opportunities for expansion. In order to offer users a more interactive experience comments could be added for users to discuss their opinions.

Datasets Used: 
ABC Local Stories, Department of Indigenous Affairs

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