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Team Cooee

Cooee is designed to be a visual archive of indigenous cultural and historical data.  The aim is to present to people, particularly indigenous young people, an easy means of connecting to ongoing, living cultural heritage.
We want to make indigenous storytelling, culture and history more accessible to younger generations by providing an intelligent, engaging central platform to convey information across multiple databases. 
We have currently aggregated data from both the Trove API - which is part of the National Library of Australia, and the ABC - Local Online Photo Stories - 2009-2014. The data ranges from newspaper articles, photographs and stories from a timeline that ranges from pre-contact, early contact, to current day. 
As it stands, information about aboriginal culture and heritage is distributed across numerous databases, websites, and organisations as well as different data formats, making it harder for both individuals and organisations to access and contribute. 
The result is an app that is a searchable, visual archive of of indigenous heritage. It's a database that is presented as primarily visual archive, the user is able to select a thumbnail of the content and view it's data.
After GovHack 2015 we would like to add additional functionality, by creating a web platform that allows both individuals and organisations to contribute to data and records in Cooee. We are looking at integrating a maps feature which allows the plotting of indigenous heritage locations and sites of significance.
We would also like to use ABS statistical and survey data to create data visualisations to plot trends in information such as indigenous population growth, involvement in art and culture, health and wellbeing, as well as a snap shot into important topics such as indigenous deaths in custody, law and justice statistics etc. 
Additionally we would like to add greater search functionality, and filters such as language group, music, art, literature, film, news as well as historical subcategories such as traditional recreation and sport, belief systems and so forth. 
We would like to have a news feed that updates data regularly, in order to provide a central point of coverage for events such as the protests against the closure of aboriginal communities and funding cuts to aboriginal legal aid. 
We have taken consideration to accessibility, and currently have a text to speech feature which currently only works on the Iphone, and we will expand this to other devices. In future we would also like to expand accessibility by having voice search functionality, colour blind mode and language options.


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ABC Local Online Photo Stories 2009-2014 Trove API - Written query:

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