Community Response

Spade in the mud.
Team Name: 
River Hacktivists

We live in Whanganui.  Last weekend there was a 1-in-85 year flood.  People were isolated.  Roads were closed.  The river was impassable.  Some people lost power.  Many people wanted to help each other; coordinating this was cumbersome and time-consuming.

Our Solution:
A webapp for mobile phones, to allow people to help each other, and a central management console for use by a disaster mitigation centre.

How it works:
Community Response Mobile App
The mobile app allows members of the public to alert each other, and the disaster mitigation centre of their ‘needs’ and ‘offers’ of help and resources. When users inform the app of their needs and offers, it will match them with others who are nearby.  This list will be updated in realtime.

Management Console
The managment console is intended for use in a disaster mitigation centre. It has a real time dynamic map showing the location, needs and offers from the public that were submitted through the Community Response app.

Staff at the disaster mitigation centre can use the console to direct emergency services to people with needs beyond the capacity of volunteers.

Datasets Used: 
Datasets Used: Data: LINZ NZ Street Address (Electoral) URL: We use LINZ street address data to validate the locations people provide, calculate distances between users to match nearby needs and offers, and display users on the Coordinator map.

Local Event Location: