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At last count, there were 54496 charities registered in Australia. Whether you make your donations throughout the year or all in one go, it's tricky to choose who to donate to.

CharityFinder aims to make it easier to find information on the charities that you're interested in. We're using data from the Australian Charities and Not For Profits Commission this year to show off our newest "data accessibility" hack.

While we have a small example of a search page up for the hackathon, the core of CharityFinder  is powerful API supporting JSON, XML, CSV and JSV as well as an easy to use query API powered by the ServiceStack framework. This means that other developers, designers and data-junkies can quickly get started with the ACNC data - it's much easier than just a CSV file.

Let's say you're an Android developer who wants to write a charity search app. Go to and we'll write some code for you, automatically! This also works for C#, F#, VB.NET and Swift and can be integrated natively by a variety of IDEs!

We've made powerful filtering tools available - just change the URL. e.g. to filter by Charity_Name that contains 'animal' the URL becomes: /find?Charity_NameContains=animal. This form of filtering works on any property and more types of filtering can be found on the ServiceStack Wiki on AutoQuery documentation.

We'd like to thank the ACNC for releasing their data for use and encourage them to explore using web services to provide up to data for developers to use in new and inventive ways.


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