Team Name: 

Problem Statement:
Throughout Australia there are thousands of Volunteers (with over 532,110 working part-time and committing collectively over 2 536 738 hours) selflessly donating their time and efforts for the betterment of Australians. Without these volunteers much needed services in areas of need would not exist. Yet, despite the vast number of charities available many people are unaware of their activities, or dont know how to help in areas which are more remote. 

Charity Connect closes this gap by providing a phone application to allow anyone to input their strengths and areas of interest (which are in turn allocated to a pool of talent for charities to search) so Charities nationwide can reachout to specific skill sets or so volunteers can search or donate to the charity of their choice. 

Charity Connect also has mapping features so users can see where charities are located. 

Another use for Charity Connect is to be able to search for charities on the go (to validate if someone collecting money is legitimate).

Data used:
The data we used for Charity Connect is as follows:

  • ACNC Datasets
  • AIHW Datasets (Aboriginal Data)
  • Aboriginal Datasets (ABS)

Technologies used:

  • Powershell
  • Wordpress / php / HTML / Javascript

Future Directions

Because of time restraints we were not completely able to "mash" all data-sets. However we aimed to include Machine Learning algorithms to smartly allocate and alert users to areas of need (depending on their areas of interest)  as told by Health data.

Datasets Used: 

Local Event Location: