#Caritas submission DropBox link error message

Please can someone who manages this GovHack hackerspace site help me. 

In our #Caritas submission, we had some issues with formatting in the actual submission page so we included this DropBox link -  https://www.dropbox.com/s/44jai9p56fysac7/GovHack%20Caritas%20Entry%20Ro...   I have set the DropBox setting so anyone can view it and with no expiration date, but when you click on the link through the submission page, an error message appears saying "The link you're trying to access has expired."  Is there a setting on this GovHack hackerspace site that needs changing so that people who look at our submission can see all of our work, including crucial information in that DropBox file?  ie. all of our mashed data tables and also the conclusions we came to. 

Thanks in advance. 

Team #AfamilyAffair appreciates your help.

Angela, Rob, ,Cameron and Conrad.