Can you afford to speed

Manly Squirrels
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Manly Squirrels

In the financial year between 2013-2014, $43.4 million dollars were spent on speeding offences in NSW alone. This is a 23% increase from 2 years before. We’ve all seen speeding campaigns before, and no one likes fines.

So why are drivers in New South Wales (NSW) continuously paying more on speeding?

There may be a number of reasons why.

  • Unless we are able to visualise the immediate consequence to oneself, it is difficult to imagine that the immediate act of speeding could result in a penalty, especially given that the future consequence has not happened yet.
  • It is difficult to link the immediate act of speeding with potentially harming self and others.

Vision of our hack

We would like to empower drivers in NSW to become more aware and help make speeding consequences personal for each of the drivers in hope that our roads will become a safer place for all (and also help Australians save $43 million dollars!).

Our idea is to help drivers understand how their potential action could impact their own pocket, by visualising the dollar amount other drivers have spent in the locations that they have travelled through by speeding.

Datasets Used: 
NSW Government open data Number of Fixed Digital Speed Camera Notices Top 20 Locations for Camera Detected Speeding Offences Parking offenses Mobile phone offences Speeding and Red light camera offences Police issued seat belt offences Crash Data Street co-ords and names Top 100 roads for review Great Circle Distance calculation

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