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Brisbane Area Suburb Review - BASR

Brisbane Area Suburb Review is a project that allows people to examine and compare different suburbs in the Greater Brisbane area. The previous twenty-one months of new bonds registered with the Queensland Residential Tenancies Authority along with metropolitan analysis from Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network and Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation makes comparing suburbs an engaging and informative experience.

People are able to see for each suburb, the different number of new rentals that commenced in the last twenty-one months, statistics on the weekly rental price and the different types of properties that make up the suburb rentals. By presenting the new rentals over the period, people are able to see when there is a large amount of change occurring in the suburb. This allows them to identify potential times for when it is a good or bad time to consider moving to a new suburb.

In addition to rental information, there is also statistics for the suburbs showing the median household income, those who driving to work and mortgage information for residents to allow them to see how vulnerable they are to small changes in the economy in relation to mortgage rates, petrol prices and inflation. This will allow people considering to move into the suburb what general risks they may have. This can also be used to benchmark suburbs to see where government spending can be allocated to improve the liveability of the suburb.

Lastly the accessibility to services in different suburbs is shown so that when people are considering moving to suburbs they can see what is available to them in the area. This is also a great tool to allow local government to determine where funding can be allocated.

The QLD RTA bond data is used in combination with the AURIN/QSIF VAMPIRE and Metro ARIA data.

Datasets Used: 
RTA Bond Data; AURIN/QSIF VAMPIRE Data; AURIN/QSIF Metro ARIA; ABS - Australian Statistical Geography Standard

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