Bridge the Ditch

Bridge the Ditch
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Bridge the Ditch

New Zealand is on-board for Govhack 2015!

We heard the news and felt at ease.  New Zealanders joining Govhack is like welcoming your first cousin into your home. Australians and New Zealanders know each other. We seem to have stood together throughout the years. We have shed blood together, in way too many wars. We have cheered together, but rarely for the same team. And we have shed tears together through national heartache and hardships.

There is, however, always something a little unknown about the second cousin. Often that relationship can be not quite what it seems, concealed by the family myths.

So our goal with Bridge the Ditch is to take off the cloak of family myth and really get to know New Zealand. No more the land of the long white cloud, no more the land of way too many sheep, and no more the land of hobbits everywhere.

Bridge the Ditch is a website that looks across 6 domains of Australian and New Zealand life over at least 3 decades to expose the common nature of our national stories and where our nations diverge. Of course we have also had to show where each has had the upper hand. For as like all great family relationships it is hard to avoid some friendly rivalry.

Benefits of Our Hack?

We think Bridge the Ditch is all about celebrating the Australian and New Zealand relationship but at the same time it aims to reveal some of the true identity of both countries. It is aimed at the general public but contains interesting and useful data that could be used by governments, policy makers, communicators and journalists on both sides of the ditch.

The website uses a range of data sources including Health and Population data from the ABS and Stats NZ as well as the AIHW and NZ Ministry of Health. Data for the Environmental indicators was obtained from the OECD, the Australian BoM and NZ NIWA. Music and popular culture data was obtained from ARIA and RMNZ as well as that reliable source Wikipedia. Historical images and information about significant events taking place in each country were found using Trove and NZ History.

This project uses a range of open data from multiple sources to tell a story and compares and contrasts Australia and New Zealand in a visually engaging way. It satisfies the prize categories we have selected, namely Bounty: Scientific data bounty; Bounty: Statistics data bounty, International Digital Humanities Hack, The Best Digital Transformation Hack, The Best Science Hack, Best National Data Comparison, Bounty: Structure of government bounty, Bounty: Taxation data bounty, Best Public Servant Teams (all team members are employees of AIHW).

We hope you enjoy the website and discover new and interesting facts about our 2 great nations.

Datasets Used: 
Australian BoM - NZ NIWA Taihoro Nukurangi - ABS - Stats NZ - AIHW - NZ Ministry of Health - OECD -

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