Banana Baron

Banana Baron GovHack 2015
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Banana Barons

Grow Bananas. Avoid Disaster.


Banana Baron is a retro-inspired educational game aimed at children, to promote awareness of environmental issues and the importance of being prepared for emergencies such as floods, fires and cyclones.

You play as the 'Banana Baron' who runs a series of Banana farms across QLD, and you must balance the challenges of running a profitable business in the context of climate challenges with the goal of limiting your environmental impact.

The game is seeded with real data from the QLD and Australian Open Government Data portals including data on historical natural disasters,  vulnerable species, energy usage, population distribution and provides tips and links to further information including related news articles so that players can learn more about these events and issues and what they can do to prepare for or mitigate them.

Datasets Used: 
***** Populations of Significant Areas taken from ABS 2011 Census of Population and Housing: Usual Residence by Significant Urban Area (via ABS Table Builder: ***** Flood and Fire dates, locations and casualties from Australian Emergency Management Knowledge Hub disaster events, via ***** Species conservation status, and names from WildNet and, images and info from ***** Cyclone path data from Bureau of Meteorology database of past tropical cyclone tracks ***** Air conditioner location running hours from Photo articles about floods, fires and cyclones from ABC Local Online Photo Stories 2009-2014 ***** Facts and links on energy from Facts and links on bananas recovering after cyclones from Australian Banana Growers Council Advice on emergency preparations from and ***** Other reference data sets used: ** Banana restricted zones Queensland: ** Landsat Fire Scar Queensland Series:

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