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AusEd is a website designed to explore possible causes of a highly unacceptable low student retention rate in Australian Schools; whether there is a social, medical, health or a combination of these as causes.

If so, then need for policy changes.

The website is available to everyone who is interested in making a difference to the economic and society state of Australia. The website uses various data sources to determine possible causes to the low retention rate by displaying in a colourful and attractive way so that the data can easily be interpreted.

The different data sources used, were dedicated for each state (I.e the South Australian data being obtained from the website) to get data specific to this state. The Australian Bureau of Statistics was also able to provide information that was needed to cover major requirements of the project. The data was then converted to a file format easily accessible for the website, the format being a “.ini” file.

- The Nexus Team

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Datasets Used:$File/table%2035a%20summary%20school%20characteristics,%202014.xls$File/table%2064a%20apparent%20retention%20rates%20(arr),%202000-2014.xls$File/criminal%20courts,%20australia%20(tables%201%20to%207).xls$File/table%2053a%20student%20(fte)%20to%20teaching%20staff%20(fte)%20ratios,%202000-2014.1.xls

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