Atlas of living Australia down

Hi all,

Sone if you have noticed that the Atlas of Living Australia services have been down for a while.

Unfortunately we seem to have had a fairly major cluster failure at the CSIRO, making it difficult to bring these services back up, and it's unlikely that we'll have them back up this weekend. 

We're really sorry about this and appreciate that some teams may have been depending on these services or datasets for their hacks. 

If you were going to use the ALA data and need some replacements, we have similar biodiversity datasets available through the CSIRO data access portal (there's a list with links  here: or through the TERN portal at They won't be as rich as the ALA ones but might mean you can finish your hacks.

If you're having trouble finding a replacement, please ping me (@jesserobertson) or Sue Cook (@suelibrarian) on Twitter and we'll do our best to help you out.


Jess & the CSIRO and ALA teams