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caffeinate me

I wrote it to showcase how easy it is to embed ABS.stat data visuals inside a web page with some Software I wrote called 'SDMX-sax Faces'.
This allows me to create visualisations, save them for later viewing, and
embed them into a web page.
I was free to concentrate on developing the User Interface for AboutOz rather
than wrangling with the technical challenges with visualising ABS data.

AboutOz makes extensive use of the ABS.stat SDMX data service using lots of Census Cubes,
Merchantdise imports and exports, Socio Economic Indexes for Areas cubes.
I hope that AboutOz will make Census Data more accessible to anyone interested in comparing their
own suburb to surrounding suburbs, or just to get to know their city a little better.

I am a student at Edith Cowan University, in Perth Western Australias, studying
my second degree, in Interactive Media, and Graphic Design, my first being in
Computer Science and Software Engineering. SDMX-sax Faces is already
GPL software, and is featured on the ABS's list of Software To Interface with ABS.stat
although there is very little Documentation i have written for it yet.. developing it is
really just a personal hobby of mine.

To use AboutOz select a State, or Australia from the List at the top of the screen, and then a visualisation
on the left hand side. Each state has the same list of cubes used, however each visualisation shows the state's
capital city. For imports and exports, some states show petroleum imports, other Fertiliser imports in the case
there are no petroleum imports for the last 6 months. For exports, most states initially show Wool Exports, however the
cubes can be filtered(for example for imports and exports) to the user's desired commodity and industry of origin.
The Australia tab has stats pertaining to the whole of Australia, rather than state wide statistics, even though I can display
the density of people over the whole of australia, the high densities in some other cities cause Perth to look almost

The design uses a clean responsive interface that works on tablets and desktops, I deliberately kept things
as simple as possiblee


Datasets Used: 
ABS.stat sdmx data service wikipedia ASGS2011 ABS country codes data

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